In light of these tough times we think it is key to really show support to our partners in business and offer a helping hand where required.  

Although we can imagine marketing, websites, social media & creative is an easy place to start to reduce costs, we do believe that this is the time to invest and stay connected to your audience and online consumer. If you step back, reduce this momentum and hide from the issue, it will only disable any attempt to bounce back once this passes us by. 

As a service industry we are committed to ensuring that we remain available and affordable in these difficult times. So we have brought in the follow actions to help New and Existing Clients: 

1. 60 Day Payment terms from this month. 
2. FREE hosting for new website builds for 12 months.
3. £120 Google Ad spend contribution for New Customers.

We believe that this will ensure our clients and businesses have the service & support that they need now. #weareXA