Today XA Digital are proud and excited to announce the partial acquisition of the innovative reservations widget EETAPP.

XA Digital are incredibly pleased to be involved with such a ground breaking company and are looking forward to introducing the future of reservations to the UK and global markets.

EET is a website widget currently helping the hospitality industry to control last minute bookings and to show automated availability online. Many restaurants, pubs and cafes leave walk in availability free for lunch and dinner services which isn't available to book in advance. The widget offers businesses the chance to convert online traffic into bookings when they are browsing the site and may want to pop in without a booking, the live availability gives them the information they need at the click of a button and without hassle.

The new acquisition also coincides with XA Digital's office expansion, placing growth as our firm priority for the upcoming business years. We look forward to welcoming more staff and increased productivity in 2017.

As a result of our growth, this has allowed XA Digital to expand into offering new services such as copyrighting and print design. Services which we look to be offering new and existing customers in due course.

XA Digital are one of Horsham’s leading digital agencies and their clients include Restaurant Tristan and The Dragon - Colgate. If you require anything digital the XA Digital team are always there to help. Get 10% OFF services quoting EET.

Contact XA Digital for any queries with the EET widget or our new digital and print services at: 01293 852777 or


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