New year, New Decade, New Website!

Why you need a new website in 2020!

The digital world has seen the rise and fall of many local and world-wide businesses who have either not followed the curve or ignored the great digital movement. We want to stop that. 

Has your business made this crucial step yet? To go mobile and go digital. If not, why not?

A new website can not only give you an excuse to re-launch your business but it also means that you can show it off more.

We all know that a business is hard to run at the best of times, but what if customers can't find you online or even know what your latest offerings are?

We can help you to not only build, but to maintain and utilise your website and marketing on and offline so that your business can speak louder than ever before.

Cost, we hear you say? Well at XA Digital our first thought when creating the business, was, how much can a business really afford to invest in their website and even more, marketing when there is so much you can do.

We came up with a plan, monthly costs that spread any larger cost over a time period of 12 months. Not only does it save you money but allows you to package up our services and save money on a bulk buy scheme which can only be a good thing for the momentum and effect of your marketing and online presence.

A strong digital platform gives you that sense of freedom, don't ignore it. Use it. Give us a call or email and go from there.

We will guide you though the options and help you to see what is or what isn't worth your money or time.

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Why you should invest in a website redesign.

If you’re on the fence about investing in a website redesign, we’ve compiled a list of  reasons it’s time to pull the trigger on a website redesign.

1. You Want to Create a Better User Experience

User experience (UX) is a newer discipline of design that’s become increasingly crucial in a website's success. It deals with the emotional experience a visitor has when navigating through your website and how it aligns with their intentions.

A site that is tough to navigate, has slow load times, or is unnecessarily complex can leave a bad taste in your visitor’s mouth and cost you valuable leads. In fact, 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience.

2. Your Website Just Doesn’t Work

Have you ever been to a site that was almost impossible to use? You wait forever for it to load only to be presented with broken links, outdated offers, and a layout that isn’t optimized for a modern day browser?

Not only is it frustrating, it makes you less likely to view that website as being reputable.

These issues may seem small, but they play a significant role in the overall effectiveness of your website.

Neglecting this for too long can have a significant impact on your traffic and lead gen efforts.

3. Your Current Website Isn’t Mobile Responsive

This should be a no-brainer. Living in today’s multi-screen culture, you need to make your website satisfies this behaviour. If your website isn’t mobile optimised, chances are you’ll miss out on valuable leads and even customers.

4. You Need to Re-align Your Website with Your Marketing Goals

As your company grows and evolves it’s not uncommon for your sales and marketing goals to also evolve. Keeping your website aligned with those goals can be a tough task, but it’s an essential piece of digital marketing success.

Try reviewing your site quarterly to make sure it’s actually working towards your specific goals (i.e. increased traffic, leads, etc.). If not, it’s time to make some updates.  

5. You Want to Optimise the Buyer Journey on Your Website

Your website is a key player of your sales team. It works around the clock to create a positive impression for visitors and deliver current prospects the vital information they need.

A well-thought-out user journey takes into account your buyer’s journey and will keep them moving through your sales funnel.

6. Your Branding is Outdated

Similar to your marketing goals, your company’s branding needs to be consistent with your website.

If you’ve recently undergone a rebrand, you’ll want to update your site to reflect these changes.

When updating your site keep in mind a rebrand isn’t just about your logo or colors, it also includes the content and language used on your site.  You don’t want people to land on a page and think it doesn’t look or sound like it came from the same company.

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Why Mobile Responsive Design is Important

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website is when the layout has been changed based on the device it's being viewed on. It helps make your website will look great and function better across all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.

Why is Responsive Design Important for your Business?

  • A responsive experience can increase sales and conversion
  • Reach more customers on a smaller device, i.e mobiles and tablets
  • Improved SEO - there's a SEO benefit for responsive websites
  • Better user experience
  • Increased mobile traffic

Get in touch today to see how we can help make your website responsive.

XA DIGITAL welcomes on board The Real Pie Company

We are thrilled to welcome on board The Real Pie Company.

The Real Pie Company are passionate about Pies. Every pie is hand crafted and ‘crammed to the crust’ with mouthwateringly tender chunks of meat encased in a hand finished puff pastry top and a short crust base. Real Pies for Real Pie lovers.

We will be helping them with their social media strategy & social media advertising. Stay tuned for the results!

Why Video is Key to any Campaign in 2019/20

Video production in 2019 has hit an all time high. Video on social media channels such as Instagram have become over 80% more effective which allows brands to engage, sell and attract through less than 30 seconds of film. This is why, we are rolling out a campaign to ensure businesses are following this trend before their competitors do.

Videos can be formatted in several ways; A short clip, a longer showreel, animation or GIF image. All of these formats have different and interesting results when used correctly online.

We help our clients understand video, the value and ROI, ultimate success of video and the helpfulness of video for websites, social media and sales.

We offer a consultation for FREE, this helps to bridge the gap between your ideas, our service and the final decision to plan the shoot. This is vital in us understanding your business through and through and ensuring that the final result is perfect.

Do get in touch if you want to get on board with the latest trend in content marketing and let us showcase your business to the world via video.

For examples of our current work please see HERE


Richard Bagguley is a very talented artist.

In 1987 he turned to mural work to complete over 450 commissions for private clients and interior designers in Europe and Asia. Richard is either commissioned direct or is engaged by interior designers and architects as part of a wider brief.

Commercial commissions have included clubs, shops and restaurants, and Richard’s work has been published in magazines and books.

We are in the process of building Richard a sparkling new website.

New year, new start, new website

It’s 2019, the start of a new year and time for a fresh start. In this internet driven time it is now more important than ever for your business to have a strong website.

A new website can transform your business and allow it to grow. Creating and growing your network is an important way to establish your business and to stand out from the crowd. Since the core of your online presence is your website, this is your chance to convert all those potential customers.

Here are 3 great reasons why you should get a new website in 2019:

1) If Your website isn’t mobile friendly
Browsing on the go is huge. From standing in a big queue in the post office to waiting for clients in-between meetings, we all use our phones on the go. It is predicted that on average, people around the world will spend 86 minutes a day using the internet on their phones, compared to 36 minutes on a desktop, this year.

Even if your current website is responsive and adjusts when viewed on a range of different devices, if it was created a couple of years back, chances are there are improvements that can be made now we know more about how users interact with responsive websites.

2) If Your website isn’t easy to navigate
If it isn’t easy to navigate around your website people simple skip to the next result in their Google search. Now it is about creating a user friendly experience. Clear menus and call to actions all make it easier for potential clients to look round your website, find the relevant information or product they were looking for and become a new customer than just a visitor.

3) If The content on your website isn’t relevant anymore
Content is one of the most important elements of your website and make converting customers easier. Pair up a fantastic design with great content and you’re on to a winning combination.

Older websites can often be difficult if not impossible to update yourself, however with new platforms you can update your website as and when you need to. A website that is updated with fresh and relevant information on a regular basis shows that your business is up to date and focused on what you do. A stagnant website rarely converts anyone. Fill your new website with case studies and updates to show potential clients that your business can help to solve their problems and make their life easier.

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We offer a tailored and quality driven video production service for a many different types of industries. We focus on the message behind a video, the design quality and how customers engage online with the video as content.

Some of our previous work includes hotels, restaurants, construction contractors, schools, retail outlets, products and airlines. every video is customised to fit your requirements, should that be:

  • 20 second social media videos
  • 1-3 minute business showcase
  • The complete package: 2 minute video showcase – 3 X 20 second videos for social media

View some examples here.