XA Digital Welcomes on-board DTS.

We are pleased to announce we have welcomed on board DTS. DTS is a privately owned Independent company providing a diverse range of Freight Forwarding solutions to anywhere in the world.

DTS required a Surrey / Sussex web design agency to fulfill their requirement of a mobile responsive attractive website for their Freight forwarding solutions business.

If you are interested in our web design packages please give us a call on 01293 852777.

XA Digital welcomes on Board The Rose & Crown

We are pleased to welcome on board The Rose & Crown who have chosen our photography, web design & marketing package.

Stay tuned to see what our team produces!

We now work with over 50 pubs all over the country. If you are interested in our pub packages please give us a call on 01293 852777.

Included Laundry Goes LIVE!

Our web team have been hard at work putting LIVE one of our new clients website.

Included Laundry required a Surrey / Sussex web design agency to fulfill their requirement of a mobile responsive attractive website for their laundry business.

You can view their website here

SSL Certificates.

What is SSL?

What is SSL, exactly? “SSL” is short for Secure Sockets Layer. In simpler terms, it is how businesses communicate with customers that they can browse, buy products or services, and share information safely with you online. Without getting overly technical, adding an SSL creates a safe connection for those kinds of activities.

Think of an SSL certificate as a giant windshield for when you drive your car.

In much the same way, an SSL certificate protects your site — and its visitors — from many digital bugs & other nasty web creatures.

Before quickly dismissing your site as “too small to be a target,” bear in mind that most interceptions are done electronically without a human deciding who is attacked. No site is too small to get hacked.

A web bug doesn’t care how big you are or what you do for a living. They have one goal, and that is to find vulnerabilities. Once discovered, its dirty work begins.

We are offering all of our customers the opportunity to activate a SSL certificate for their website. We feel it is imperative.Get in touch today on 01293 852777.

We now offer digital training courses!

We are pleased to be able to offer digital one to one training here at our picturesque offices in Sussex.

Our team of highly specialised individuals are able to guide you in all of aspects of digital marketing from;

Google adwords
Web build & maintenance
Social media management & advertising.
Email marketing

Courses start from just £150. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

Recent Changes to Google Adwords

A big recent change to Google AdWords will dramatically change the way you optimize your campaigns. Specifically, the change is impacting view-through conversions (VTC). This may seem like an overly technical thing that most Google advertisers may have never even heard of, but it is actually something useful for campaigns of all sizes. We all know what a conversion is. People buy something on your website or fill out a form — Google AdWords sees that as a conversion.

For the sake of making this simple, every conversion is a product purchase. View-through conversions are nearly the same as a regular conversion except that right before buying, people saw an ad, didn’t click on it but bought the product anyway. In other words, with VTC, people buy after seeing an ad but not clicking on it. That’s the main difference between a VTC and a regular conversion. In regular conversions, a click is a necessary for it to count.

1. VTCs give you more accurate ROI calculations.

If you can use VTCs to determine whether a keyword or an ad is converting well, you might end up having more conversions in your account at the end of the day. The cost per conversion will be lower, and the margin calculation will be different. The calculation that you use to allocate how much you want to spend in advertising will be different as well. This is important for ROI because in the end, it will determine how much you spend during the campaign.

2. The new model actually makes sense to have it in your calculations.

Because it’s not 30 days, now it directly correlates to the work you are doing in advertising. Not only is it much more relevant, it would be a mistake not to include it because it’s a direct consequence of the adwork that you are doing.

3. Mobile to desktop or vice-versa? You can tell!

By including VTCs in your campaigns, you will be able to see, for example, whether somebody is converting from a desktop after they saw an ad on mobile without clicking the ad. Google has launched cross device conversion tracking so if you click on mobile but buy on desktop, they can still track the conversion. This change allows businesses to track conversions across devices.

4. You won’t doubt your keywords again.

Keywords that you may be underestimating in terms of importance may be just the ones that bring you business. VTC data gives you the opportunity to evaluate things at a much

5. Display ads may be a wise branding move.

Because they are getting VTCs, but not direct conversions, it may be a good idea to keep placements running even though they don’t get that many clicks. They are helping you increase the overall amount of sales.

Overall, VTCs will definitely help businesses. You’ll have a competitive advantage when it comes to getting better conversions at a lower cost.

Get in touch today here to see how we can help with your google ad words campaign.

Julavie Launches at Harrods.

We are absolutely thrilled that our client Julavie is now available in Harrods Knightsbridge.

With a touch of a button, it uses three tons of force to juice fruit in 90 seconds with the aid of a smart function designed to only start juicing when the lid is closed.

With a wide mouth design, the juicing bag fits perfectly and ingredients never touch the machine, leaving you with instantly fresh juice without the hassle of extra cleaning. Presented in a range of three colours, it is the only juicer you require.

You can view the product here.

Transformation Kitchen goes LIVE!

Our web team have been hard at work putting LIVE one of our new clients website.

Transformation kitchen required a Surrey / Sussex web design agency to fulfill their dream of providing a full service health and fitness company. Our team also designed their logo and manage their social media platforms.

Transformation Kitchen & Fitness Co is bought to you by a community of similarly minded individuals whose experiences and beliefs extend across the well-being world.

You can view their website here > http://tkitfit.co/

We Are Recruiting!

We are on the look out for a brand new team member!

We are looking for a individual with creative (adobe skills), hard working, passionate and an all rounder looking to join a fast expanding agency. We will be Interviewing asap.

Get in touch by email hello@xadigital.com

We look forward to hearing from you!


Why you need a new website this year!

The digital world has seen the rise and fall of many local and world-wide businesses who have either not followed the curve or ignored the great digital movement. We want to stop that. 

Has your business made this crucial step yet? To go mobile and go digital. If not, why not?

A new website can not only give you an excuse to re-launch your business but it also means that you can show it off more.

We all know that a business is hard to run at the best of times, but what if customers can’t find you online or even know what your latest offerings are?

We can help you to not only build, but to maintain and utilise your website and marketing on and offline so that your business can speak louder than ever before.

Cost, we hear you say? Well at XA Digital our first thought when creating the business, was, how much can a business really afford to invest in their website and even more, marketing when there is so much you can do.

We came up with a plan, monthly costs tat spread any larger cost over a time period of 12 months. Not only does it save you money but allows you to package up our services and save money on a bulk buy scheme which can only be a good thing for the momentum and effect of your marketing and online presence.

A strong digital platform gives you that sense of freedom, don’t ignore it. Use it. Give us a call or email hello@xadigital.com and go from there.

We will guide you though the options and help you to see what is or what isn’t worth your money or time.

Don’t forget to market your business even when you are busy. Sometimes that is the worst time to stop communicating to your customers. You may not be so busy at some point and need that database, social following or website to get them back.

EET App Acquisition

Today XA Digital are proud and excited to announce the partial acquisition of the innovative reservations widget EETAPP.

XA Digital are incredibly pleased to be involved with such a ground breaking company and are looking forward to introducing the future of reservations to the UK and global markets.

EET is a website widget currently helping the hospitality industry to control last minute bookings and to show automated availability online. Many restaurants, pubs and cafes leave walk in availability free for lunch and dinner services which isn’t available to book in advance. The widget offers businesses the chance to convert online traffic into bookings when they are browsing the site and may want to pop in without a booking, the live availability gives them the information they need at the click of a button and without hassle.

The new acquisition also coincides with XA Digital’s office expansion, placing growth as our firm priority for the upcoming business years. We look forward to welcoming more staff and increased productivity in 2017.

As a result of our growth, this has allowed XA Digital to expand into offering new services such as copyrighting and print design. Services which we look to be offering new and existing customers in due course.

XA Digital are one of Horsham’s leading digital agencies and their clients include Restaurant Tristan and The Dragon – Colgate. If you require anything digital the XA Digital team are always there to help. Get 10% OFF services quoting EET.

Contact XA Digital for any queries with the EET widget or our new digital and print services at: 01293 852777 or hello@xadigital.com


See http://www.eetapp.com for more information on this fantastic product!

We love our NEW Horsham office!

We love our NEW Horsham office!

We have officially settled in to our cozy new Horsham office and are ready to take on opportunities in new emerging markets!

If your business needs a new website, or perhaps even a marketing strategy our friendly team are here to help.

At XA Digital we are a marketing agency that thirsts for new challenges. Proud to be specialising in Website Design, SEO, Graphic Design, Marketing, Photography & Social Media strategy.

If this suits your business, feel free to call us for a free enquiry: 01293 852777

XA Digital are confident about Brexit and their clients

Brecession or no Brecession that is the question?

Yes we meant Brecession.

With the recent news about the decision the country took to leave the EU. Here at XA Digital we analysed the effect it would have on our business and our clients too.

Brexit has sparked panic in the Pound and madness in the markets amid fears a recession will hit the UK. This is a daunting thought after 2008-11 left all businesses slightly worn out and many closing down.


Our business is a limited company with 3 very successful years under wraps. This gives our existing and new clients peace of mind when it comes to our strength and sustainability as a business. We know a lot of agencies that are not so safe and this is why we believe we make a better option for security of your website & marketing in the long term.

Do you ask your current agency about the strength of their business? Maybe it’s time to do so!

With “Brexit” potentially sparking another recession in the UK and probably for the whole of Europe too it is more important than ever to keep your online and offline presence as a business strong and the momentum high. If you stay at the top of your game, you will weather the storm nicely. However if you cut out your vital marketing lifelines then you may fall flat if a recession does hit the UK.

Talk to us about your worries and the strength of your business in the coming years and we will try to guide you the best we can. Our services are designed to take the weight off your shoulders and to give life to your business from the bottom to the top.

Brexit is a time of positivity and hope that the UK can be great on its own. Let’s show them…..

NYFold reaches high

Our website, branding & marketing client NYFold a pizza restaurant & delivery based in the theatre capital Soho, London is reaching the big time with a campaign partnered with Just Eat UK.

Just Eat recognised the restaurant due to there outstanding web presence, strong brand, ethics & great offering.

We were pleased to help raise the awareness of the brand and to also create the partnership for the campaigns.

NYFold can be found at www.nyfold.com 

Want great marketing for your restaurant? Call us at XA Digital

Merry Christmas Digital Style

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from us at XA DIGITAL, What a 2015 it has been, thank you to all of our customers, friends, staff and family for a wonderful year and a creative feast.

For all of your 2016 Website Design, Marketing, Creative Design and Digital needs give us a call from January 4th and let’s talk.

Josh, Emma & Pablo

Working with hospitality businesses

We have been working with over 80 hospitality businesses for over 3 years and have found that many issues confront them in the digital and non digital world.

While sticking to our standard knowledge, we have adapted and changed the way we work with the industry to constantly gain control over a changing market and digital platform.

The purpose of digital for hospitality has become more and more a necessity of which has been ignored by over 70% of the industry until now.

We have strived to help those who has put marketing, websites, photography and social media on the back foot and that have forgotten to grow with the times.

It’s not easy, we know that, that is why we help from the bottom upwards and start with the basics. Why do you need such platforms and strategies in place?

The answer is simple, because your competitors have it, or they will very soon. Don’t get left behind…

Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, pub, cafe or street food vendor you need to be seen online, active online and most of all, part of the future. Otherwise customers will forget you in the ever growing mess of digital content.

If you want to know more about our one to one service and the relationships we build with our clients just give us a call on \

08445679005 or contact us via email at hello@xadigital.com


Digital Marketing

Here at XA Digital we offer a full Digital marketing package. Starting at the basic analysis of your current marketing we build a comprehensive marketing plan that will encompass all available and relevant tools that we think your business should explore.

Email Marketing  – (e-shot)

Social Media Management / Marketing  – (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus)

SEO  – (natural online search)

PPC  – (Paid online advertising with google or Social channels.)

Re-Marketing – (Further online ads that target your customers after they visit your site.)

Print Design – (Print that wows and captures, we design and print your needed artwork and campaigns)

Strategy & Consultancy – (ideas, PR guidance, Gorilla marketing, campaigns & business analysis)

Get in touch today to see how these services can help you. 

Remember, at XA we do it all, we do it well, we do it with you.


XA Digital Help NY FOLD London

XA Digital have taken on the brand new pizza restaurant in London’s Hip SoHo area.

The award winning, incredible tasting, obsessively authentic New York style pizza.

NY Fold required the help of XA DIGITAL to sort their SEO ranking and PPC advertising campaigns out.

We are also designing and building a brand NEW website for the brand to launch September 2015

We have just started and will update you on the progress soon.

Check out their new website created by XA DIGITAL here http://www.nyfold.com/