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Social Media Management

We help you to take advantage of social networking to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach.

The goal is usually to create content compelling enough those users will share it with their social networks.

We work to 4 different facets of social media marketing.

  1. Social Media Strategy – We help our customers understand where they are now, what they want to achieve & then we help them get there. We have created & managed incredibly successful social media campaigns that have reached hundreds of thousands of people without the need to initiate paid social advertising.
  2. Content – Content is so important for your social media presence. It’s important to create purposeful content that correlates with your brand values & is good enough to stand out from your competitors. For instance we are lucky enough here at XA Digital to have an in house photographer should your business be product/ food/ hospitality related. Within our social packages we ensure photographer is included to guarantee your social content is as strong & authentic as possible.
  3. Social Media Channel management. We manage creative & posting of content as well as responding to customer comments or questions. Everything we publish we ensure enhances & upholds the brands we work with reputation & tone of voice. We believe social media is about having a two way conversation – not just promoting a message. This is why we have been working with our social media clients for years.
  4. Paid social media advertising – paid social is a highly effective tactic allowing your business to target, engage & covert your target audience. Our team are experts at paid social & would be very happy to talk through any help you may need.
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