We have been working with over 80 hospitality businesses for over 3 years and have found that many issues confront them in the digital and non digital world.

While sticking to our standard knowledge, we have adapted and changed the way we work with the industry to constantly gain control over a changing market and digital platform.

The purpose of digital for hospitality has become more and more a necessity of which has been ignored by over 70% of the industry until now.

We have strived to help those who has put marketing, websites, photography and social media on the back foot and that have forgotten to grow with the times.

It’s not easy, we know that, that is why we help from the bottom upwards and start with the basics. Why do you need such platforms and strategies in place?

The answer is simple, because your competitors have it, or they will very soon. Don’t get left behind…

Whether you are a hotel, restaurant, pub, cafe or street food vendor you need to be seen online, active online and most of all, part of the future. Otherwise customers will forget you in the ever growing mess of digital content.

If you want to know more about our one to one service and the relationships we build with our clients just give us a call on \

08445679005 or contact us via email at hello@xadigital.com