Brecession or no Brecession that is the question?

Yes we meant Brecession.

With the recent news about the decision the country took to leave the EU. Here at XA Digital we analysed the effect it would have on our business and our clients too.

Brexit has sparked panic in the Pound and madness in the markets amid fears a recession will hit the UK. This is a daunting thought after 2008-11 left all businesses slightly worn out and many closing down.


Our business is a limited company with 3 very successful years under wraps. This gives our existing and new clients peace of mind when it comes to our strength and sustainability as a business. We know a lot of agencies that are not so safe and this is why we believe we make a better option for security of your website & Gatwick Marketing Agency for Websites and Marketing in the long term.

Do you ask your current agency about the strength of their business? Maybe it's time to do so!

With "Brexit" potentially sparking another recession in the UK and probably for the whole of Europe too it is more important than ever to keep your online and offline presence as a business strong and the momentum high. If you stay at the top of your game, you will weather the storm nicely. However if you cut out your vital marketing lifelines then you may fall flat if a recession does hit the UK.

Talk to us about your worries and the strength of your business in the coming years and we will try to guide you the best we can. Our services are designed to take the weight off your shoulders and to give life to your business from the bottom to the top.

Brexit is a time of positivity and hope that the UK can be great on its own. Let's show them.....